All Health & Wellness Websites in Austin

Sangha Yoga Studio

We offer a variety of classes, workshops and healing services. Our studio's mission is to make everyone feel welcome at every level of their yoga journey.

Stress Me Not

Using our essential oils and the use of our products can provide alternative healthy living and financial advocate needs.

Best Life Wellness

Traditional acupuncture and holistic health services in North Central Austin. We will help you embody your best life.

Valentine Care, PLLC

Valentine Care offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina (asian bodywork), cupping, and many other modalities to support your health and wellness.

Margaret Webb LAc

Women's Health Solution. Hormone Health.

Centerpoint Acupuncture & Wellness, PLLC

Proudly serving Southwest Austin! Acupuncture, Acupuncture Facial, Chinese Herbs, and Fire Cupping services available.

Moore Natural Solutions

Areas of specialty : Pain relief, Stress Management & Nutrition. We focus on the total body. Our holistic services treat the body, mind and spirit.

Pangur Bán Center for Well-being

Here to help cultivate peace, compassion, empathy & love through the practice of meditation and mindfulness

Mor's Nutrition & More

Chen Ben Asher is your Functional Nutritionist Expert! A leading authority on Autoimmune & Metabolism. Public speaker, educator & Amazon Best Seller Author of “What If Gluten Free Is Not Enough". Looking after the root causes of your illness.

Nuvitru Wellness

A team of dietitians + nutritionists to help women take back their health using #foodasmedicine who struggle with hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, weight loss, and more!

Blue Jug

We’re bringing innovative hydration to Austin

A Compression Evolution

We specialize in high quality, therapeutic graduated 20/30 compression socks. We offer options in Bamboo Blend, FIR Infrared, and wide calf sizing.

Tracee Nite

A safe space to be supported, share, learn & grow through your anxiety and stress ☁️ 🌊 ✨

Austin Dance Therapy

Become more connected with yourself by deepening your mind/body connection. Join me for online therapy, movement workshops, and self-care resources.

Kristen Miciotto LPC at Whole Heart Counseling

Kristen Miciotto is a LPC, Psychotherapist @ ~Specializing in helping you or your child work through "Big Emotions" (Anxiety, sadness, heartbreak, life transitions, trauma & grief) ***I work with both kids and adults***

David King Coaching

I help emotional eaters who are 40+ years old and dedicated to personal development to conquer demons and get back their life. for a FREE Step by Step Guide to RESET.

Fitfanatic Wellness LLC

Fitfanatic Wellness LLC Changing the way you eat, move and think... Health and Wellness Services and Products Nutrition*Fitness*Support*Success

Capstone Hypnosis

I'm passionate about helping people achieve goals and create success in their lives! My primary focus is empowering them to heal past pain so they can step into the future feeling strong, confident and fulfilled.


Real quick PT. Now available on the App Store.

Natasha Hornedo

Natasha Hornedo Inner Light Healing seeks to Embody & Empower those who have been dis empowered through experienced Trauma in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual realms through BodyMind Coaching and Bodywork.


The goal is to build a better you!

Injoy Food and Fitness

Holistic health for the young, energetic working professional. We post articles, videos and workouts that get you thinking, then get you moving.

Peace & Clarity

Helping you get unstuck, get motivated, and make a plan to live Your best Life with intention & purpose!

IndieFit Personal Training & Wellness

Dirty workouts, bad a** soundtracks, local bands & local brew...Personal training, nutrition & coaching. IndieFit: "Fitness for the rebel set".

Bodies By Akeem

Bodies By Akeem is a functional outdoor training service that delivers an unparalleled cutting edge fitness experience to individual looking to improve their overall health.

Viking Ninja

Welcome to our health and fitness community! Join us to learn safe and effective unconventional training methods to stay in shape, develop skills, and stay motivated!

Boss Babe Fitness Academy

Boss Babe Fitness Academy is a women's empowHERment & education Academy. We believe health is more about feeling sexy, confident & energized in your skin versus what the scale says. We are masters at helping women lose weight & tone sustainably!

My Training Systems

To help touch as many lives by using the gifts God has chosen to use me for his plan. My style of personal training involves a healthy lifestyle change that includes nutrition, setting reasonable short and long term goals and strong encouragement.

Fitness Healers LLC

Whole body healing through integrative movement and wellness programming. Empower and heal with our Chakra personal training packages. Learn more at

Slow Down Fitness

Safe & FUN Personal Training for ages 40+