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Original Spirit Healing Arts, Dr. Cass Naumann, DACOM, LAc.

Doctor of Integrative Medicine Classical Daoist Acupuncture Board certified herbalist Medical Qigong, Yoga, meditation + breathwork teacher Asian bodywork Vibrational Energy Healer with LOVE

Nutrition By Natalie

I'm a foodie obsessed with healthy REAL food and passionate about helping others develop a love for food and healthy living.

Self Survival

Improve the quality of your life, and strive for serenity. Learn about addiction, and mental health topics from articles, stories, and other media formats.

Work It Out

Health and Hapiness

Vive en Abundancia

Mejorando las vidas de las personas ofreciéndoles la mejor manera de elevar sus niveles de glutation en el cuerpo.

Resilient 1

R1 is dedicated to sustained health, happiness, and high performance. We are enthusiastic about sharing our longevity secrets for a fuller, healthier life.

Wellness Goals

We help provide you tools and resources to manifest all you dream of.

iLiveWell Nutrition

We are food teachers, and we are nutrition experts! We teach people about nutritious food that will fuel their body and help them lead better lives!

Cryo 512

Experience Powerful Health Benefits with Cold, Compression, Infrared & LED Light Therapy

Nutrition by Laine

Nutrition by Laine is an online nutrition and personal training service that empowers you to eat well, eat clean and stay lean. Services for adults, children and athletes. Powered by Evolution Nutrition and Trainerize.

Sin Local

ALIMENTACIÓN EMOCIONAL On Line. Una mirada hacia el interior para hallar respuestas sobr nuestro exterior. Mind Body Eating Coach

Errico Counseling Services, LLC

Errico Counseling Services, LLC specializing in working with people pleasers, anxious overachievers, survivors of trauma and adult children of narcissists.


Premium Nootropics. Natural Ingredients proven to enhance brain function, create energy, support healthy stress levels, and improve overall wellbeing.


Health Coaching, Life Coaching and Transformational Coaching Certified NLP Practitioner

PURE Prosperity

Take control of your own health & happiness. We are here with you every step of the way.

LGBTQ Christian Resource

A inclusive community for Christian LGBTQ and their supporters

Boundless Yoga

An endeavor to share the profound science of Isha Hatha Yoga with the world. Professional hatha yoga teacher trained by Isha hatha school of yoga & Sadhguru. Studied at Isha samskriti.

MARTA Maazico.

Trabajamos para ofrecerle un tratamiento natural y especializado para su salud ��

Glow Body Sculpting

Glow Body Sculpting offers full body weight loss, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and detoxing all with three main services. LED Light Lipo, LED Hydrating Facial Mask, and a Glow Cocoon Pod plus add-on products! Come see and GET IN THE GLOW!


BioVitality is committed to providing you with a natural solution to achieve optimal health and wellness.


Autumns Harvest is moderated by Autumn Schulze - Herbalist & Holistic Gut Health Coach. Helping others ‘Harvest Their Best Health & Wellness’.

Immortal Hearts Life Coaching

Teaching Natural law the hidden course to freedom. Bringing you the change that you desire, Life Coaching with a Christ centered mindset. I offer life change, with unique techniques that will transform you


Somos un movimiento que busca crear un impacto real y en comunidad, utilizando los 8 pilares de la salud integral. Creamos conciencia colectiva.

Ventanilla de Salud Austin

Apoyo gratuito y confidencial sobre servicios de salud dentro de el Consulado General de México en Austin

Live Well Travel Tribe

A community that encourages eco-conscious living and meaningful travel. Join our international retreats, private life coaching experiences, audio podcast, live events and more!

Aryana Rollins - Higher True Self - Life Change Training

We show you how to manifest from thought alone AND transform self-defeating habits into success habits. So you can align with your highest potential.


Health and Wellness

Fitness Break Room

FBR is a fitness community that exists to tell the stories and strategies of some of the industry’s most successful players


Personalized Medication Management