All Massage Therapists in Austin

Root & Branch Therapy

Root & Branch Therapy offers Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage, Herbal & Nutritional Consultations, Supplements, Customized Detoxification and Meal Plans.

BodyCure Massage

Austin's Professional Medical Massage Clinic

Badass Massage By Avery Homer

Badass Massage Therapist in Austin Tx. Venmo, Paypal, and all major credit/debit cards accepted. Book online at:

Deep Breath Massage

Massage Therapy by Hanna Abozaid

MyoTek Performance Therapy

(480) 650-0853. Helping athletes keep their edge since 1990. TAMARA L. KRUSE-KAMIENESKI, MS, LMT (Sports & Rehabilitative Therapist)

Sound BodyWorks

Massage and Myokinesthetic Therapy

Hillary Bergman, Licensed Massage Therapist

I blend deep tissue Swedish with Neuromuscular therapy (aka trigger point work). This combination allows for longer term pain relief while still being comfortable and relaxing. With over ten years of experience I believe I can help you!

BNB Rolfing Austin

Rolfing, structural integration is a modality of body work that reorganizes the body in relationship to gravity and your surroundings by relieving trauma history, deep tissue massages, mobility and stability, and range of motion to name a few.

Natasha Hornedo

Natasha Hornedo Inner Light Healing seeks to Embody & Empower those who have been dis empowered through experienced Trauma in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual realms through BodyMind Coaching and Bodywork.

Gym One

Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Fitness, NPC, USPA, IFBB

Salon Mystique

Welcome to the future of beauty. We’ve flipped the traditional salon experience and created a bold, one-of-a-kind salon experience with a focus on exceptional service. Ready to join the movement?

Carolina EsteticaMasaje

My name is Carolina Cabrera owner & founder of Carolina EsteticaMasaje. I have been in the Beauty/Wellness industry for over 20 years. My goal as a body worker is to provide an outstanding costumer service experience. Namaste!

Austin Massage Company

Serious massage without a serious attitude. You strive for the best and we want to help get you there.

Chrissy Stiehm, massage therapist

Customized Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage utilizing soft tissue techniques to help manage aches and pain and facilitate better postural balance.

Beth LaGrone

Here to inspire abundance, success, health & love of life while creating change on a global scale. Enjoy the vibe? Join the Tribe

Whole Family Chiropractors

Dr. Paris and Dr. Fisher strive to provide excellent patient care as well as friendly and highly trained doctors and staff by incorporating the best technology can offer. La doctora y sus assistientes hablan español!

Austin Acupressure

Acupressure has all the benefits of Acupuncture, but no needles! Each massage session includes Acupressure, Deep Tissue Work, Reflexology, and a Facial..

ATP Sports Massage

Sports Massage..Massage for Athletes It's not your typical massage, we get those muscles working again, increase ROM, beeak up scar tissue, no more pain!

Pixie Bodyworks

Crestview's source of mat-based massage & bodywork to help you feel your best - whatever best is for you - one step at a time.

Holly Milliron Massage + Body Spa

I'm a solo practitioner with a little herbal bodyspa who specializes in treating those exhausted souls that work too much and have neck and shoulder pain.

DS Massage

Experience the stillness of DS Massage and emerge back into the world calm and invigorated.

Delicate Drain Massage

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist for post operative care and I am also certified in Body Contouring treatments.

OANA Healing Arts LLC

"OANA Healing Arts" provides Licensed Massage and Sound Healing since 1997. FKA "Your Resonant Body".

Jacqueline Renee LMT & RYT

My hearts desire is to share the abilities I was gifted with to guide those searching for healing. Whether through a yoga and meditation practice, bodywork, craniosacral therapy or energy healing.

Imagine Balance Massage and Skin Care

IMAGINE... A new sense of well being. Greater freedom of movement. Skin that reflects inner beauty. A more attractive posture. You at your best.

Woman Craft Austin

Restorative Bodywork for Women, Pregnant & Nonbinary Folks Encourage your body's own innate healing abilities through deeply relaxing and therapeutically effective massage that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and profoundly nourished .