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Authors Marketing Guild

We are a membership owned company that stared in 2011 and have helped thousands of authors over the years. We are here to help any author around the world to better understand and learn how to market and sell themselves and their books.

The Autism Cafe

Eileen Lamb is a writer. On her blog, she shares the ups and downs of raising a severely autistic child while being on the autism spectrum herself.

Aslan Hollier

Chef/ Actor/ Screenwriter/ Producer This is my "Professional Facebook Page". I'm all about entertaining, helping, connecting, inspiring and, above all, creating.

Chris Lavigne

Rocker-Entrepreneur.Christophe chose the adventure and freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is an ideal route for the intelligent and creative rebels that do not want to walk a path were everything is imposed

Mindy Henderson Page

Motivational Speaker, Writer, Health/Accountability Coach and Host of "The Truth About Things That Suck" podcast. Living in an attempt to help others find purpose & meaning where they may believe there is none.

Big Hoop Babe

Hooping and yoga based joyful movement for all bodies. Any Body that does Yoga is a Yoga body and Any Body can Hoop! I make big hoops for all bodies available for local ATX pick-up or shipping anywhere in the U.S. Always 100% diet culture free!

Mayhem's Muse - Jennifer Lynn Larsen

Woman of many Wigs.Writer, Model, Actor, Gamer, Cosplayer, Musician. Twitter:Mayhems_Muse

Aaron G. Hale

KC Coker Freelance Film

My name is KC Coker. I'm a professionally trained Camera Operator, Director, Grip, Gaffer and Editor in Austin Texas with 15 years professional experience.

Actor, writer, director

Matthew Levi Rowley Entertainment

Film & Video Production Company

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