All Nutritionists in Austin

Laura Farb, L.Ac.

Combining Chinese medicine with clinical nutrition to address root causes while resolving symptoms. Helping you get well and stay well!

Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb

Sarah Senter, LAc + Medicine Kitchen

Cultivating good Qi in Central Austin with Acupuncture, Nutrition, Food Therapy, and Herbal Medicine

Fitness, Nutrition & Advocare

This page is created to inspire and motivate anyone who follows it to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

Avatar Nutrition

Weight loss, muscle gain or reverse dieting. Avatar Nutrition provides digital nutrition coaching and experts to get you results. Flexible Dieting. Macros.

Mor's Nutrition & More

Chen Ben Asher is your Functional Nutritionist Expert! A leading authority on Autoimmune & Metabolism. Public speaker, educator & Amazon Best Seller Author of “What If Gluten Free Is Not Enough". Looking after the root causes of your illness.

Nutrición Espinoza

Asesorías nutricionales por profesionales certificados en la ciudad de Austin, Texas.


Helping super busy moms be super healthy!

Neurobiologix Supplements

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements For Autism, Nervous & Immune System Support, Neurological Disorders & Overall Good Nutrition For All Ages!

Nuvitru Wellness

A team of dietitians + nutritionists to help women take back their health using #foodasmedicine who struggle with hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, weight loss, and more!

The Barefoot Cook

The Barefoot Cook is a natural foods cooking and nutrition education company designed to empower people to reclaim their health through nourishing, healing foods and healthy lifestyle practices.

Maximum Nutrition Center ATX

Maximum Nutrition Centers, Inc., is dedicated to providing quality supplementation for our customer's nutritional needs from the everyday individual to the serious athlete and competitive bodybuilder.

Fitness Institute of Texas

The mission of the Fitness Institute of Texas (FIT) is to enhance the quality of lives through research, service, training and educational programs in physical activity, nutrition, and behavioral health.

Pantry Medicine

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Kids, Families & Adults email us at [email protected]

Pureline Nutrition Austin

Pure Line Nutrition Stores have been designed to help people accelerate their weight loss, personal fitness and overall wellness goals.

The Spring

If you are ready to take charge of your health then you have come to the right place! It’s our passion to provide you with the support, nutrition and education for your best health.

Nutritional Zest with Colleen Flynn

Voted one of Austin’s Top 3 Nutritionists in Austin Fit Magazine. Helping women and men who struggle with weight resistance, digestive disorders and fatigue get healthy, lose fat and eat right for their bodies.

Honey Martins

Fashion model /fitness

TFN Nutrition Center

We provide free health consultation, serve the most delicious smoothies in Austin, and stock all the best products for any of your health/ fitness goals.

Wellness Nutrition Club

En Wellness Nutrition Club, te ofrecemos un espacio donde podrás recibir información sobre nutrición mientras te familiarizas con los alimentos y ejercicios que te ayudaran a tener una mejor calidad de vida.

Plates on Plates Fitness

Group fitness classes that combine HIIT and functional fitness training.


This page is a platform for me to help everyone in getting Fit or to find their Healthy version.

Strong Yogi Fitness

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist TRX Certified Trainer Yoga Teacher

Nutritional Wisdom Kids

Our mission is to raise a generation of conscious eaters and thinkers! We have tons of ideas to inspire your family to eat clean and feel great!

Injoy Food and Fitness

Holistic health for the young, energetic working professional. We post articles, videos and workouts that get you thinking, then get you moving.

Steiner Wellness and Nutrition

Steiner Wellness and Nutrition is about all things wellness. Ned help with food and diet ? We've got you covered. Wondering what foods you may have sensitivities to ? We test for that. Need help with your fitness goals ? You're in the right place!

Fitness Force

We are committed to helping people improve physical appearance, promote healthy living & increase personal self gratification. Mind, Body, Soul restoration

Army of Anubis

Training and diet designed specifically for your goals. Whether it be weight loss or competing in a bodybuilding show. I provide an open door policy to everyone I help. And see great results because of it.