All Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Cleveland

Tioaquen Ministries

Tom & Margaret Tioaquen serve as missionaries and operate a non-profit organization that helps with humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, benevolence, evangelism, and oversee a children's refuge shelter in the Philippines.


Formerly 'The Warrior Tours' and 'American300' - Veterans & Patriots producing Resiliency & Operational programming in support of DoD, DoS, DHS and Others.

OneTeam SV

Currently focused on El Salvador's: Youth in Prisons, Police and Corrections Agents and First Responders. ONETEAMCF's ONETEAMSV is a registered ESA ONG (#226) - Founded 2011

Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network

Working for an equitable immigration policy and promoting inter-cultural awareness and appreciation.

الجالية الاردنية الموحدة في أمريكا

Unified Jordanian Community in the USA is a nonprofit Organization devoted to promote, share and preserve the Jordanian culture and heritage.

Cathy and John Payne

Cathy Payne has traveled to over 107 countries ministering the Word of God. She helps to Coordinate funding for 13 orphanages and over 135 countries.

Social Venture Partners Cleveland

Founded in 2001, Social Venture Partners (SVP) is a philanthropic venture fund that goes beyond philanthropy. We connect donor-volunteers and nonprofits, amplifying impact. Our vision is “an engaged community creating a more equitable place for all.”

The Cleveland Water Alliance

The Cleveland Water Alliance is a network of leading corporations, academic institutions, and public agencies in Northeast Ohio.

Undivided Lead Poisoning & Justice Reform Advocacy Community

Welcome! U.N.D.I.V.I.D.E.D.; (Unified Neighboring Demographics in Voiced Indivisibility Deconstructing Environmental Disease) Cleveland was formed in 2019. It was inspired by a current neurological health and sociological emergency occurring in Cleveland.

Heaven's Army-Spiritual Infirmary

Empower each person to become Lifestyle Worshippers and teach them to walk in the purpose that God has for their lives.

Voting Rights for the 21st Century/

The vote-by-mail system places ballots in the hands of voters several weeks before Election Day. Rather than going to a polling place, registered voters fill out ballots, place them in a special envelope, sign affidavits on the back of a mailing envelope.

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