All Not a Businesses in Cleveland

High Tech Academy

High Tech Academy A CMSD/CCC collaboration of a dual-enrollment early college program for CMSD high-achieving youth, housed at Tri-C Metro.

Cuyahoga River AOC

The Cuyahoga Area of Concern (AOC) works to bring the lower Cuyahoga River and nearshore Lake Erie back to health. For more information about what we do please visit our website.

Broken Buddha 8ea27 Designs

Two sisters decided to take their hobby and their love for their departed Dad to a new level. Broken = loss of a parent would break anyone, Buddha = the peace we use to deal with it. 8 ea 27 = 8/27 the date he passed and ea= his initials.

East Cleveland Church of God

A loving community of Christian believers- worshipping in unity, thriving together toward spiritual maturity, endeavoring to reflect Christ in this world.

Music and Friends - A Garage Sale

Music-loving friends getting together to buy/sell vinyl and CDs, cassettes and t-shirts, to music-related art and books! Local venues selling their merch too! Come one out and support them! We will be outdoors, social distancing, and wearing masks!


OpenHydrant is a podcast where free flowing dialog is conducted to discuss any topic.

Marco and Zia: The Next Generation of Gallucci's

The next generation of Gallucci's, Marco Gallucci Kotora, great grandson of the founder, and his wife Zia Lisa love food, wine, restaurants, and hosting in their beautiful home.

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