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Stellar Vizslas

Breeding both smooth and wire hair Vizslas for excellent temperaments - family companion, show, performance, hunting and service work. Puppies are always raised with the Puppy Culture protocol.

Renee' Barnette: A Kneaded Touch, LMBT 1685

Massage modalities including Swedish,Hot Stone, Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Indian Head Massage also Raindrop Technique.

Addiction Prevention and Recovery

This is where I - and others - share experience, strength and hope, as well as resources on how to A) avoid alcohol/drug addiction; and B) recover from alcohol/drug addiction.

Curbside Prophets Ministries

Updates for CPM's evolution, and what I need help with (from packing to donations). Please share, it's the best way to get more people involved!

Milestone Wrestling

The official facebook page of Milestone Wrestling!!!

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