All Martial Arts Schools in Hickory

Atlantic MMA

Teaching the Basics of Functional Fitness, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, & Jiu Jitsu for Fun, Fitness, or Competition to the Average Guy & Girl.

Lake Hickory Muay Thai

Lake Hickory Muay Thai is a martial arts school which specializes in Muay Thai (aka: Thai kickboxing). Often called the art of eight limbs, Muay Thai practitioners specialize in the use of their hands, legs, knees, and elbows.

Fight for It & Co.

Brand that Promotes, Broadcasts, & Houses The Four Major Combat Sports. To affiliate, host an event, discuss media rights, or for licensing and wholesale contact [email protected]

Hickory Academy of Martial Arts

Welcome to Hickory's Best Family Martial Arts School. With Karate, Gracie Jiu-Jisu and fitness training.

Mountain View Karate Centers

Welcome to Doug Armstrong's Mountain View Karate Centers in Hickory, North Carolina. Come see us in our new location at the Sandy Ridge Plaza!

Fènix Jiu-Jitsu

We're Hickory, North Carolina's number 1 BJJ team, and for good reason. Come by and see for yourself the sense of family and team we have created.

Inner Chi Arts

Inner Chi Arts was designed to inspire the cultivation of personal chi or energy utilizing Easy Tai Chi as a foundation to develop mind, body and spirit.

Team Predator MMA Training Center

We are here to promote the sport of submission grappling and MMA cage fighting to young and old .

Primal MMA

We are a school that focuses on Self Defense, Awareness, and Fitness. We want every person to be able to defend them self at any point.

Leopard Mountain Kung Fu

Leopard Mountain Kung Fu / Bao Shan Gongfu: Teaching traditional Liu He Ba Fa Water Boxing, Qigong, and Long Fist Kung Fu in Hickory NC

Karate School of Oyama Hickory NC

This page is about the Karate School of Oyama. Providing traditional and affordable Kyokushin training for all individuals and families.

Kaosu No Masuta Aiki Bugei

Battlefields are full of chaos and our streets are no exception. We give you the mindset and tools necessary to adapt and thrive in that environment.

Bushido Martial Arts of Hickory

To Learn more about registration, call 828 328 3794.

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