All Comedians in Los Angeles, Page 4

David Scott :-D

David Scott (Actor, Writer, Director, Improv, Comedy) "I believe laughter heals, does that make me some type of a doctor?" Laces Out Comedy on YouTube

Michelle Sun 孙小雪

SAG Actress|影視演員 Capricorn 摩羯座 Height: 5'5'' 微博@sxxmichelle Reps: First Class Talent Agency | Five Star Talent Management |

Johnny M’erica Fan

America’s favorite SATIRE COMEDIAN! Johnny4merica keeps you laughing!

Mary-Alice Farina

Character videos, celebrity impressions, sketches! Insta: TikTok:

Penny Sweet

The Most Famous Clown ever in the history of ever and forever in history....... Penny "Sweet"

Tamara Perry

SAG-AFTRA Representation: Rothman/Andres Entertainment Lucia Chiao [email protected]

Rebecca Sohn Improv

I've been teaching improv for 25 years. I offer classes for improvisers, actors and for non-performers in the corporate world. Check this page for the latest information about when and where.

Tatenda Mbudzi

Actor / Writer / Director / Comedian from Zimbabwe. African Alien.

Rian Antonelli

The official Facebook page for Actor/Comedian/Musician Rian Antonelli. @RianAntonelli on Twitter and Instagram!

Wesley J. Szabo

New Wesley J. Szabo Page. Follow on Twitter and Instagram at @wesleyjszabo


My name is Nicole Johnson and I am an actress/comedian who loves to see when others are happy. I am a people person and have been in acting for over 5 years now. My page is geared at showcasing my talent in skills which am looking to improve.

Girl Of A Thousand Faces

Desirous of more creativity in my life and an urge to give voice to all the characters that reside in my head and heart, I decided to create Girl Of A Thousand Faces. I'm so excited to share my wackiness and funny with you, please stop by say hi & laugh!

Richard Chassler's Fan Page

Actor,Comedian,Writer,Host,Director. Catch may shows when I am in your town! Buy merchandise from my website!

Christopher Lane Entertainment

Actor/Comedic Actor/Entertainment Personality Starred in Beauty Shop.Repo's,Something Like A Business. Visit

Jenny Formica

Jenny Formica is an LGBTQ+ actor, writer and improviser located in Los Angeles.

Drunkards & Dragons

The longest running fantasy improv show in Los Angeles. This role playing-inspired fantasy drinking/adventure show is currently playing conventions, comic book venues and indie theaters.

Mr Bean's pictures

Getting old but I'm glad I got the chance to make billions of people laugh

Keith Harris

Award Winning Director Keith Orlando Harris 获奖导演何凯


This is the OFFICIAL FB Fan Page of comedian J.B. Ball from Comedy Central, MTV's Ridiculousness, and Kevin Hart's LOL Network. "LIKE/SUBSCRIBE" to this page so you don't miss his comedy sketches, music videos, stand-up clips, and other funny content.