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South Bay Shorinji Kempo

South Bay Shorinji Kempo (サウスベイ少林寺拳法) is located in Los Angeles, California. A Japanese martial arts dojo.

Crescent Moon Karate Academy

Family Martial Arts & Fitness

Capoeira Brasil Northeast Los Angeles

Capoeira movement, music & martial arts classes at Artistic Athletics Gym in Eagle Rock/Northeast LA 85C17C5D - on Capoeira List!

Abrigo Martial Arts

Abrigo Martial Arts. Best tae kwon do family ever. Period. :)

California Youth Karate Club, Inc.

Official Facebook page for: California Youth Karate Club and latest on their annual fundraising tournament which sustains the mission of the organization.

Kaïlūkuän Combat and Healing Arts

KAÏLŪKUÄN COMBAT AND HEALING ARTS was founded with the objective of propagating, through a holistic approach, the healing, martial, and spiritual traditions of the Ilocos regions through classes, workshops, books and articles, and presentations.

Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate

At BHKK we have a professional and friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable instructors to help with your long term physical and mental fitness. Visit our YouTube page:

Real Martial Arts

The best place to invest in yourself 1 hour 3 times a week.

Hollywood Judo Dojo

Judo is a martial art that was created in Japan by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882. Hollywood Judo has been around sense 1932.

KEN SHIN KAN Los Ángeles

Sensei: Ramón Alejandro Córdova Muñoz. 2° DAN, estilo Gōjū-ryū.

Knowles Karate Academy

Knowles Karate Academy is a family owned Martial Arts school that has been teaching students of all ages for 3 1/2 years. We are a family friends school that helps students develop confidence, focus, self discipline and the ability to defend themselves.

Rolando Guzman Garrido

Escuela Formativa de Taekwondo WT Hwarangdo-Musotokwan Los Ángeles-Chile.

Jedi knight martial arts academy

I wanna teach martial arts weapons and self defense ! im mainly trying to get people in shape if your interested

Aikido Academy Los Angeles · Aikido Academy Los Angeles · Headquarters of Inari Aikido Kenkyukai

Eagle Fang Karate

Come and be a bad ass and join the Official Eagle Fang Karate Team.

Creative Combat

Historical and modern weapons training, self defense, fight choreography and fitness training. Trained fight performers available.

Meraki BJJ

BJJ can empower people of any age & skill level to face the real world with courage, skill and passion. In a highly supportive environment, Meraki BJJ offers classes for men, women and children.

Shaolin Wushu Center L.A.

We are one of the top wushu schools in America. Please follow us for newest information regarding upcoming events.

Pure Krav Maga Los Angeles

Prioritized Intensive Training to control opponents' pressure points first! 200 technique ballpark taught and drilled and tested in sparring over 21 hours intensively several times making it the ultimate H2H Combat Training System!

Kenpo en Español

Pagina dedicada a el estudio de el sistema Kenpo Americano en el lenguaje espanol.

Best U.S. Tae-kwon Do Academy & martial Arts Center Los Angeles

providing best education to childern to develop strong mind and body

Arnott Kenpo Karate

Arnott Kenpo Karate teaches self-defense, makes you fit, gives you a place to earn the right to feel proud and confident. It is a studio based on respect. Opened in 2011 and voted best Martial Arts Studio in Greater Pasadena area every year since.

Martial Arts Social Club

School of Martial Arts Science and History with Emphasis on Chinese and Eastern Asia Arts.

Hwang's TaeKwonDo Center

Taekwondo - Martial Arts - Self Defense - Fitness - Olympic Sport - Discipline

United Self Defense Academy

United Self Defense Academy located in Sunland, CA offers professional martials arts.

Hwarangdo West L.A. Academy

Hwa Rang Do is The Most Comprehensive Martial Art in the World. .

Taekwon-Do ITF Budo Los Ángeles

Instructor de Taekwondo ITF, amplia experiencia en enseñanza a niños y adultos. Escuelas en Los Ángeles y Quilleco. Excelentes resultados en campeonatos

Westchester Wado-Ryu Karate-Do

This page is for news and information related to Westchester Wado-Ryu, a dojo of the American Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy.