All Martial Arts Schools in Los Angeles, Page 5

Haema Taekwondo Academy


Kalifornia Karate Studio - Series

I teach self defense with the help from his star pupil, Coen Mahoney. My motto is simple, "It's Better to be alive, than Dead!" -SENSAI

Kenshokai Iaido Dojo

Training in traditional Japanese swordsmanship - Iaido, in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. The Kenshokai Dojo’s mission is to preserve and teach traditional Japanese swordsmanship through the art of Iaido. Please visit our website:

Bushinkan Karate Isshinryu Los Ángeles

Escuela de karate y Kobudo ( Manejo de Armas)

Triple Seven Jiu Jitsu & Pollino's Personal Training

Private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts Instruction and Executive Fitness Training.

Chinatown Kung Fu San Soo

Master David Teague teaches Kung Fu San Soo in Los Angeles' Chinatown, where Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo first brought the form to the US.

Playa Vista Martial Arts

Serving the Los Angeles communities of Westchester, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Ladera Heights, and Playa Vista, and more.

Pacific Martial Arts of Los Angeles, Inc.

Pacific Martial Arts is an authentic karate dojo that teaches character development and effective self defense for families in Los Angeles.

TASA Martial Arts

TASA Martial Arts – our martial arts classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment.

West Los Angeles Karate School

We are dedicated to teaching traditional Japanese style Shotokan Karate-Do. We always welcome new students. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student you can train and learn Karate with us.

Tenshin-Kai Taichi & Karate

Tenshin-Kai is offering online ZOOM classes while the dojo is physically closed in support of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in coming to Tai Chi or Karate, email [email protected] Osu

American Old School JuJitsu

This program is for beginners to advanced martial arts practitioners seeking to develop or polish life-saving and lethal close quarter combat skills.

Urban Tactical Academy

Progressive Fighting Systems of Los Angeles, California

Two Nations Tkd College/ TNTC

This is a martial arts school with 10 years of experience, we have state and national Champions, we accept 3yr old kids + . You will learn discipline.

Enter Martial Arts

We teach quality martial arts concepts in a safe environment in a way that cultivates discipline, positive social engagement, and body control.

Kalis Fight Club of Los Angeles

Your center for Filipino martial arts here in Los Angeles. Come train and spar with us! Message for lessons and classes.

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios Westwood - Best Age-Specific Martial Arts Lessons & Karate Classes for Self Defense. Call for Free 30 Day Test Drive

Academy of Martial Science

Academy of Martial Science is the only school dedicated to Mixed Martial Arts and Fight Science in the community of Boyle Heights

Tai Chi LA

For over 40 years, we have been practicing Tai Chi Chuan in Griffith Park every Saturday morning. Our group continues to grow with people from all around!

Cobrinha BJJ Executive

Whether you looking to pick up a fun hobby or are planning to become a world champion, Cobrinha BJJ will change your life forever.

Autore BJJ

Autore is a project crafted to share our passion for Jiu jitsu and to cultivate a thoughtful, creative, and welcoming community in Los Angeles Jiu jitsu Classes currently Available now in person! Please feel free to inquire about lessons locally

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Echo Park

Use promo code #FREEBIE to get 2 weeks free!

Dae Sung Brothers Tae Kwon Do

A school for learning one of the worlds most popular martial art, Taekwondo.

Hollywood Martial Arts & Fitness

Private and semi-private martial arts and personal fitness instruction for clients of all ages and abilities.

Hwarangdo UCLA

This club ran from 1985-1995 and is being reintroduced in 2017. Our main focus is developing personal excellence through traditional martial arts training.