All Biotechnology Companies in Madison

Exact Sciences

Cancer is detected too late. Exact Sciences delivers life-changing innovations in earlier cancer detection.

Promega Corporation

Welcome to the Official Promega Corporation Facebook Page! We are a global biotechnology company based in Madison, WI, supporting the work of academic and government, pharmaceutical, forensic and applied scientists around the globe.

DNAStar, Inc.

DNASTAR, Inc. is a global software company headquartered in Madison, WI.

Genome International

Empowering hospitals & researchers around the globe to uncover clinically relevant information within the genome, and close the gap from bench to bedside.

Mirus Bio LLC

Mirus Bio LLC With over 20 years of nucleic acid delivery experience, we are The Transfection Experts. Mirus Bio offers quality products and technical insight to customers in academic institutions and private biotech. Visit us at

Allergy Amulet

We believe that food should be a source of fuel, not fear. That’s why we developed the Allergy Amulet: the world's smallest & fastest consumer food allergen sensor.


Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits were specifically designed for the general public. Testing your water can provide your family with peace of mind about your water.

Invivosciences Inc.

InvivoSciences, Inc. (IVS) is a developer of award-winning technologies in mass-producing micro engineered tissues for drug discovery and safety studies


The collective voice of WI’s robust biohealth cluster, representing > 220 member organizations across a network of health solution leaders. An action-oriented association focusing on initiatives, collaborations, events, & advocacy.

Torq Labs

Smart Leggings for Athlete Safety & Performance Improvement

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