All Public Figures in Madison

Sheila M Frick OTR

An esteemed clinician, lecturer, and pioneer in Occupational Therapy. Creator of Therapeutic Listening and taught to 10,000+ therapists worldwide.

Sober_ life_ in _recovery_ wisconsin

sober life in recovery wisconsin is a online support group for men&women from around the world too share there story meet others in recovery share your thoughts ,get advice on treatment,detox never give up on yourself or your recovery your life matters

Jill Stein

Medical doctor. Mother on fire. Green Party Presidential candidate 2012 & 2016. Activist for people, planet & peace over profit. Account managed by staff.

Evangelista Manuel Castañeda

Apasionado Expositor, Escritor, y Maestro de la Palabra de Dios, Conferencista, Motivador, Consejero Matrimonial y sobre todo, Hijo de Dios.

dj frecuencia infinita

Open format live video mix !! i play all type of music tropical,regional mexicano top 40 hip hop edm and more.

Three Feathers Walking Raven

Raising Global Consciousness Through Healing

Demetris Curry

Demetris Curry, serves her community as an Insurance Wellness Strategist, public speaker, Cash Accumulation Wealth Builder, and Employee Benefits Coordinator to corporations/franchises of all sizes.

Vivienne Andersen

Vivienne Andersen, the most transexual REALTOR® in Wisconsin, MOTH GarandSLAM Champion, Public Speaker, and aspiring part time comedian.

Andrea Russell :: Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurvedic Health Coach│Yoga & Meditation Teacher ○ Seasonal Online Cleanses ▽ Transformational Retreats ⇒Wisconsin-Nov & Dec ⇒Costa Rica-Jan ⇒Portugal-Sept ⇒Greece-Sept

Jill Babiarz - Yoga Therapy & Craniosacral Therapy

For over 2 decades now, I have guided people along their healing journeys. It is a deep honor for me to walk along side others as I watch their lives transform. I offer 75 minute healing sessions of yoga therapy and craniosacral therapy.

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