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Video Artist, Reality T.V. & Music Video Director, Framer, Photographer who Sometimes is Accidentally in Front of the Camera. A Trichotillomaniac who loves being bald. "Si No Te Gusta Reencuadra!"


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Sustainable Media

Sustainable Media inspires individuals, communities, groups, and organizations to break the status quo through transparency and social good. Every action and choice has an immediate reaction within and around human beings. We aim to inspire daily actions.

Masque' Filmz

Masque' Filmz is a production company, based in Jamaica. We offer services encompassing reality shows, weddings, events, commercials, music videos, video editing and photography.

Tartarus Creative Brain Lab

Our science of expertise is Creativity. What we love is creating the future of video content and branding for all business' alike.


Bienvenidos,esta pagina esta creada con el proposito de compartir los Proyectos que Dios me ha permetido trabajar tales como el cortometraje "Quien es tu Conductor" de contenido Cristiano.

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