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Hello I’m Zachariah! New to Miami Beach and have been training clients for 3 years! Day in and day out I give my all my everything! I most likely want this more than you do!!!! Let’s break limits and smash goals out the sky�����

Taciana Davidson

Founder of Body By Tacy Instagram @tacianadavidson Fashion Lover� Blogger, Lifesyle, Travel, Family, friends, Charity Socialité ��� YouTube-

VOS Salud&mas

EDUCAR es mejor que DICTAR.. Es este mi proposito en mi metodo "VOS salud&mas" cambiar tus habitos alimenticios.La pérdida de peso no está directamente relacionada con la voluntad, más bien es necesaria una información adecuada.

Whats up girls / Wazz

Twitter & Instagram: @whats_up_girls

The healthy life of Fabiana in Miami

Ciao sono Fabiana e vivo a Miami,ho aperto questa pagina perché voglio condividere con voi il mio nuovo percorso unstoppable!

YMMS Young Muscle Model Service

Miami Based Model Agency We are specialized in Male Bodybuilder Type Models 18 to 30 years old. We can provide our models to several different countries through all Americas and Europe


Hi all my fans, this is my new facebook account. Me your Miss Miami, I love you, like and I assure you that we will have a good time crazy. kisss

Queen Fit Sport

� Resistance bands squat bands booty bands elastic bands excersize bands mini bands for exercise gym elastic bands gym band therapy band gym elastic resistance band training band gym bands strength bands

Helo Romão

Hey pessoal! Meu canal na twitch: Lá a gente pode conversar melhor! Logo terá novos vídeos e posso interagir mais com vocês!

Leidy Manzano

......La danza no es más que el reflejo de lo que el cuerpo convierte en arte

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