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Marffa Amezcua

Marffa Amezcua Certified Health and Wellness Coach Certified Vision Board Leader - Guide Small Business/Operations Advisor Spiritual Coaching.. Always searching...

Ocean Life Studio

Ocean Life Studio is a boutique fitness and wellness studio. Our mission is to provide health and happiness to the Miami Beach community and beyond by offering a unique combination of fitness and movement based classes alongside health specialty services.

Valentino Valentaković

Mijenjajmo svijet na bolje mijenjajući osobu u ogledalu :) Let's change the world to be a better place by changing the person in the mirror :)

Bodybuilding, fitness and health facts

Facts about bodybuilding, fitness and health! Join now!

Metafisica una forma de vida

PARA DE SUFRIR. POR QUE ERES LO QUE PIENSAS. HABLA POSITIVO ACTUA POSITIVO Think Positive, Feel Positive, Talk Positive, Behave Positive.

Live Ultimate

Live Ultimate creates "next level"best in class all natural wellness products that profoundly improve the quality of people's health, appearance and overall well being.

Pau's Secrets

I founded my wellness company "Pau's Secrets", with the goal of helping people to reach a healthier and happier life through different tools that I provide as a coach, including physical, nutritional, mental and spiritual practices and habits.

Marocdiffusion Maroc

presence (site, blog, CMS) that are critical to effective online marketing for business and nonprofit organizations. hicham

Legendary Life

If you’ve ever wondered whether Keto can really help you lose weight or if Intermittent Fasting is actually effective, or even if HIIT help you become a fat-burning machine, then the Legendary Life Podcast is for you.

Elite Fit Forever

Right vs Right For you. Elite Fit Forever Scientific Testing lets your body dictate the unique Blue Print to permanent health. The only way to optimal and permanent results is having a plan to boost, balance and maintain your metabolism.

Eazzy Fit

Eazzy Fit's mission is to help you achieve your full health potential. Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, having more energy, or helping you live a long and happy life. We can’t wait to be apart of your success story.

VOS Salud&mas

EDUCAR es mejor que DICTAR.. Es este mi proposito en mi metodo "VOS salud&mas" cambiar tus habitos alimenticios.La pérdida de peso no está directamente relacionada con la voluntad, más bien es necesaria una información adecuada.

Las 3 potencias

Somos una empresa que ayuda a las personas en sus problema de su vida en su salud su estabilidad.


Tu! eliges fuerza , o resistencia o porqué no combinamos las dos , juntas te ayudamos a lograr tu Objetivo Estamos para ayudarte y cambiar tu estilo de vida , que esperas ? #�Lifestyleclub�


CannaVisEology Organic VEGAN Shakes are very high in antioxidants with Hemp CBD infused. The CBD hemp cultivators we make to infuse in our shakes are organically grown. Note new Name with a V... They will change your life and health for the better!

Do Yoga - Be Happy

It's my personal experience, I've practiced Yoga and I've been Happier. In short and sweet. I want people to explore YOGA and discover its gifts.

FaceSoft Towels

At FaceSoft, we desire to create "the" Ultimate Sweat Towel. We offer 3 Lines: 1)Charcoal-Detox Active Sweat Towels - Detox your Sweat! 2)ECO-Friendly Active Sweat Towels - So Soft, Go Sweat! 3)2X Charcoal-Detox Beauty Towels - Make your Skin Glow!

Fit,Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle

Passionate about fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Follow me : IG : @fit_healthy_balanced_lifestyle and @Martina_Tasevska Twitter : @MartinaTasevska


One of a kind stretching session in Miami Beach

Tattered Cosmetics

Tattered & Co is a Premier Urban Candle and Cosmetics Brand. High Quality Ingredients , made in the USA. Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free. Located in Miami Beach, FL


This Page wants to be a space where to share motivations and care for all the people who are experiencing issues related to well-being, personal growth, and food-related problems. Feeling good is possible and can be Your choice!

Blue Space

Water your mind, body, and soul. Elevated wellness classes, experiences, and private escapes on the water

Pure Romance with Cassandra

In case you’re wondering what this is....PURE ROMANCE is amazing. I have relationship-enhancement and intimacy products. Sex Toys, Bath & Body, Lubricant, Massage Oils & More. Perfect excuse for a Night In.

For Your Lifestyle

For Your Lifestyle only you know what is truly holding you back from reaching your full potential. Or do you? FYL is here to help...

Amelia Sofis

Certified Athletic Trainer and CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) taking on private clients and online coaching!

Blissfit Life

The BlissFit Life is the culmination of blending ancient wisdom and practices with modern physiology. Christa Cantillo has created a balanced program of healthy living & fitness techniques that will transform your BODY, MIND + SOUL.

Moonlight Crystals

Moonlight Crystals is a "Good Vibes" shop: You'll find Crystals for your home or office; meaningful jewelry, crystals potions, palo santo and many other items to take the good vibes with you everywhere you go.

Yoga with Erika

Enjoy the healing benefits of yoga in nature! Erika Acosta, RYT-200 Email me to schedule group classes and private lessons: [email protected]

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