All Bubble Tea Shops in Pasadena

PokeMix by Flour+Tea

PokeMix allows you to customize your Poke Bowl as well as experience Flour+Tea's favorite boba milk teas!

OinkMoo Tea Bar

Here at OinkMoo Tea Bar, we believe in utilizing high quality ingredients that are sourced from all over Taiwan to create the our drinks. We are sure that with the large variety we have, you will be able to find one perfectly suited for your palate.

7 Tea

Not just a boba shop. But YOUR boba shop. Coming and enjoy our premium milk tea made of real ingredients with the best milk,NO artificial syrups or powders! See you Here

Labobatory Pasadena

A small little boba shop that accomplished big things. The most unique boba concoctions that you can dream of, now in Old Town Pasadena!

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