All Urban Farms in Springdale

Appel Farms

Veteran owned and operated, Appel Farms grows a variety of produce as well as free range chicken eggs and pasture-raised pork.

Blue Heaven Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Farm $20/gl we pick $16/gl you pick

PlentyGood Farm

Plentygood Farm, home of highly flavorful nutrient dense produce, as well as the intoxicating and beautiful Mexican Single Flowered Tuberose!

Spring Meadow Farm

Spring Meadow Farm is located near Springdale junction and across from Butt's Esso. We provide all natural product from our newly open farmers market. Coming this Spring 2021 is our new greenhouse. This will give you all the freshest product you need.

Ozark Mushroom Growers

I love growing mushrooms and usually end up with more than I can eat. I sell the extras and you can buy almost any fancy pants mushrooms for just $10/pound

Tabletop Farms

Jellies, jams, treats, trees, produce & plants from our urban farm.

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